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"Wee Violin should be a staple in every Suzuki Studio" 

-Marilyn O'Boyle, SAA Teacher Trainer, author of Monkey Song

Music Kids Love

From the stone passing song of Ghana, to the hand clapping song of Mexico, Wee Violin is music that children all around the world love.  With rich harmonies, melodies and a variety of tonalities and meters, families will find it effortless to listen, sing and dance to the music with their child. 

Techniques Teachers Love

While children are playing music they love, teachers can rest assured children are building solid technique. From how to stand, to how to hold the bow, to how to place fingers, each song has been paired with a foundational technique of violin playing, ensuring that every technique has ample time to solidify. 

Beautiful Technical Drawings

Wee Violin contains over 30 hand drawn illustrations of children’s hands and bodies producing early techniques and exercises. Because adult hands are anatomically different from children’s hands, Wee Violin uses children’s hands as model and outlines them in simple, easy to understand drawings. 

Immaculate Twinkle Execution

At the conclusion of this book of study, children can effortlessly play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, with multiple bowing variations. Students complete this method ready to enter level 1 repertoire stronger and progressing faster than ever before. 

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"Crystal, I am LOVING teaching my beginner students with Wee Violin!  You are a master teacher to put this together in a simple, easy to follow book!  With such fun pieces!  So much solid foundation technique, you’re absolutely brilliant.  It has made such a difference in my teaching."

Anne Elkins, Suzuki Violin Teacher, Morgan,UT, USA

Stop spending months on Twinkle, and start using real music from around the world today

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