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World Music Preparatory to Twinkle

What is Wee Violin?

"Wee Violin should be a staple in every Suzuki studio." - Marilyn O'Boyle

Wee Violin: World Music Preparatory to Twinkle will bring joy in learning, solid foundational technique and beautiful music into your beginning violin lessons. It is the only early childhood violin curriculum using traditonal music from around the world, focused exclusively on foundational technique and specifically deisnged for the needs of young children. 

Whether you are a “wee” child embarking on a violin journey, or part of the family, community or world supporting a young child, together “wee” can make music. 


Music children love

From the stone passing song of Ghana, to the hand clapping song of Mexico, Wee Violin is music that children all around the world sing and use in play naturally, without adult instruction.  With rich harmonies, melodies and a variety of tonalities and meters, families will find it effortless to listen, sing and dance to the music with their child.  In turn, children instinctively imitate Wee Violin music on their instrument.  


Techniques teachers love

While children are playing music they love, teachers can rest assured children are building solid technique. From how to stand, to how to hold the bow, to how to place fingers, each song has been paired with a foundational technique of violin playing, ensuring that every technique has ample time to solidify. 


Aural based learning

Just as children learn to speak before they learn to read, so young violinists can learn to play violin before they learn to read music.  By first separating rhythm and pitch, left hand and right hand, and then combining them later, Wee Violin makes learning by ear effortless for young children.  The digital recording provided gives students the opportunity to listen to and freely imitate what they hear on the instrument. 


Graded Repertoire

Wee Violin provides a selection of music for every technique a child needs to learn from their first lesson to level 1 repertoire. No other book provides such a breadth and depth of music for this level 0, or foundational phase of learning. 


Technical Drawings

Wee Violin contains over 30 hand drawn illustrations of children’s hands and bodies producing early techniques and exercises. Because adult hands are anatomically different from children’s hands, Wee Violin uses children’s hands as model and outlines them in simple, easy to understand drawings. 


Twinkle Preparation

At the conclusion of this book of study, children can effortlessly play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, the first song in many level 1 collections.  This allows students to enter level 1 books with a solid foundation and an entire collection repertoire already learned. 


MultiCultural Music

Wee Violin contains music passed down from generations and found throughout the world, giving student connections with generations passed and cultures all around.  Repertoire includes:

 Birch Tree (Russia), Dobru Noc (Czechslovokia), Third Little Mouse (England), Hop Ol’ Squirrel (United States), Still, Still Still (Austria), Dance with Josie (United States), Ol’ Joe Clark (United States), Dinosaur (Spain), Pitter Patter (United States), Circle ‘Round the Zero (United States), A La Rueda (Cuba), Cabbages (United States), Te Aroha (New Zeland), Obwisana (Ghana), Hotaru Koi (Japan), One Little Owl (United States), Banaha (Congo), Zum Gali Gali (Israel), Swallowtail Jig (Ireland), Feng Yang (China), Canoe Song (Canada), John the Rabbit (United States), Mighty Pretty Motion (United States), Biddy, Biddy (Jamaica), Los Pollitos (Mexico), Anile, Anile Odi Vaa (Sri Lanka), Turn, Cinnamon Turn (United States), Alle Galloa Galloo (Engalnd), Chiapanecas (Mexico), Carangueajo (Brazil), Diddle, Diddle Dumpling (England), La Granja (Argentina), Annie Was the Miller’s Daughter (Czechslovokia). 

What are people saying about Wee Violin? 

"This is the missing piece/structured bridge between SECE and Twinkle." - Susan Barak, Heart Strings Studio, British Columbia, Canada

"Variety is the spice of life...and Pre-Twinkle! We can never have too many ways to disguise repetition, and Wee Violin takes this to a whole new level with beautiful songs from all over the world." - Daina Staggs, Teacher Trainer for the SAA

"My view of teaching pre-twinkle will forever be changed." -Marigrace Williams, Suzuki teacher

"Wee Violin takes beginning players on a musical journey around the world with a delightful sequence of foundational techniques."  - Barbara Barber, author of Solos for Young Violinists

"This is just a wonderful collection of international children's songs." - Kerstin Wartberg, author of Step by Step, an Introduction to Successful Practice


"Wee Violin should be a staple in every Suzuki studio." - Marilyn O'Boyle, author of the Monkey Song, Teacher Trainer for the SAA 

"Students are engaged and continually progressing from their first lesson using music they love." - Tammy Barney, Suzuki Violin Teacher, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

"I'm loving using Wee Violin with my students. It fills a perviously huge gap in repertoire for pre-Twinkle students.  All the pieces are gathered from countries around the world and my students LOVE them.  I truly believe Dr. Suzuki would be so proud and enthusiastic about the work Crystal has done.  Thank you." - Cammi Schuler, Suzuki Violin Teacher, Ohio, USA

"I ADORE this work.  It is genius.  This is so well sequenced and scaffolded.  It reminds me of my youngest daughter when she was 2 or 3 was given a balance bike. She quickly learned how to independently balance and could ride straightaway.  My eldest daughter used stabilizers and no balance bike and it took forever to learn and she was very nervous.  Your curriculum is like giving children a balance bike... creating all the pre skills which are absolutely vital for technique, musicianship and confidence." - Laura Carr, creator of Stringasaurus, Early Childhood Violin Resources

Every Suzuki teacher needs this training. It takes teaching foundation to a higher level of refinement and FUN! --Andrea Schaer, viola teacher


"The Wee Violin curriculum has opened my eyes. Before this curriculum, I would just scratch my head and wonder; How on earth are teachers able to guide families with violin students as young as 3 years old? After receiving this teacher training and curriculum -- I am understanding!!" -Barbara Stafford, Suzuki Violin Teacher, Plano, TX

"This curriculum combines so many wonderful pedagogical concepts that she’s gathered from a lifetime of experience, training, and research. It’s honestly everything I’ve been wanting to do, put to music from around the world, and I’m HERE FOR IT!" -Katie Seigfried, Suzuki teacher and mom, Saginaw, MI

"This program fills such a necessary gap in any young child beginning violin curriculum. She has clearly put so much time and careful thought into how to make this program successful and exciting for teacher, student and parent. Im excited to further grow my young student population in my studio!" Ellen Neely- Suzuki Violin Teacher, Albuquerque, New Mexico


Does the book come with a recording?

Yes!  Each song has a violin and piano (or djembe) listening track and nearly 100 practice tracks.  All tracks are available via a digital download (code inside the front cover) where teachers and families can drag and drop to their favorite listening device.


How does Wee Violin compare to Suzuki book 1?

Wee Violin is Preparatory to Suzuki book 1.  In fact, the last three songs in Wee Violin come together to form the first song in Suzuki book 1. 


I bought the trial version in August - what is different about this book?

First off, thank you for helping me refine Wee Violin into its current edition.  You are a pioneer.   This newest edition has new recordings, new art work, a new song, refined pointers and little tidbits of cultural information.


I bought the book now what?

It’s always overwhelming to start a new repertoire, but no fear.  In my Wee Violin Workshops we will go through each song in the repertoire and explore ways to unlock musical and technical excellence.  More information here.

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