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Enrich your training as a professional violin teacher with Crystal.
By harnessing the power of traditional world music, intentional movement and developmentally accessible techniques you can create more joyful and musical lessons from the very beginning.

Joyful Music Teaching from the First Lesson to Twinkle

Crystal Boyack

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Start making music from the very first lesson with the revolutionary Wee Violin Curriculum


Crystal has traveled across the US, UK and Europe sharing her revolutionary method with teachers. 

Course creator

Making her revolutionary training available to all, Teaching Wee Violinists is an online course for teachers striving to bring more joy and music into their beginning lessons


Crystal resides in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA where she teaches Music Together and Suzuki Violin in her home studio and at the University of New Mexico


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1000+ books sold in 2023.  

Join the movement of teachers using music from around the world to prepare their students for book 1. 

Deb Bluestone, NM

"Crystal is the best thing that has happened to the Suzuki method since Suzuki himself"

Melissa Daveney, CT

"My life will never be the same.  My teaching will never be the same.  I only wish I had this program ten years ago."

Susan Barak, Canada

"Crystal is a genius and I just love her method. It is the missing bridge between SECE and Twinkle"

200+ teachers trained in 2023.
Learn step by step how to Joyfully and Musically travel from the 1st lesson to Twinkle in
Teaching Wee Violinists - an online course for
professional teachers. 


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