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As a professional violin teacher of young students, you want your students to be able to start book 1 with immaculate technique.


But the students aren’t staying focused, the parents aren’t on board and the technique is slipping away.


I want to show you how to use music that families love to build solid technique and focused students so you can teach Twinkle, and all the rhythms, in just one lesson.

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COST: $195

Here's what you'll learn: 

  • techniques that are appropriate for young bodies and how to teach them

  • music that families love and want to practice

  • activities that build focus, engage families and build technique

Are you ready to joyfully build technique and musicality? Join me in a step-by-step approach that will make your teaching more enjoyable and get your students playing Twinkle faster and better!

My name is Crystal Boyack

I taught violin for 15 years, took hundreds of students from their first lesson to Twinkle and never thought there was anything wrong with my methods.  Then I became a mom. 

I quickly realized the method I had been using wasn't going to work anymore.  So I wrote Wee Violin: World Music Preparatory to Twinkle.  Now our lessons are filled with the connection and healing that comes from great music AND they getting to Twinkle faster and more technically solid than ever before. 


I love sharing this method with my colleagues and seeing their students love practice, progress faster and play better than ever before. 

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