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Wee Viola: World Music Preparatory to Twinkle is a one of kind approach to early childhood viola education. This groundbreaking curriculum is specifically designed for young children and is the world’s only early childhood viola curriculum that focuses on:

  • 1. Global Music: Wee Viola introduces children to traditional music from around the world, from the stone passing song of Ghana to the hand clapping song of Mexico. This diverse selection of music provides a rich musical and cultural learning experience.

  • 2. Foundational Technique: The curriculum focuses exclusively on building a solid foundation of violin technique. Each piece of music is carefully paired with essential violin techniques necessary to enter level 1 repertoire. 

  • 3. Aural Learning: Through beautiful melodies and expertly sequenced materials, children learn to play by ear effortlessly. The digital download of recordings offers nearly 100 beautifully recorded tracks for listening and practice.

  • 4. Graded Repertoire: Wee Violin provides a well-organized collection of music that guides children from their first lesson to level 1 repertoire, allowing for natural progression in their learning journey.

  • 5. Visual Aids: Over 30 hand-drawn illustrations depict children's hands and bodies demonstrating early techniques and exercises, making it easier for young learners to understand and practice.

At the end of this curriculum, children will can beautifully and solidly execute "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star," in just one lesson. 


Wee Viola is not just a curriculum for young violinists but a joy filled journey filled with music that kids love that build techniques that teachers love. 


Repertoire includes:

Birch Tree (Russia), Dobru Noc (Czechslovokia), Third Little Mouse (England), Hop Ol’ Squirrel (United States), Still, Still Still (Austria), Dance with Josie (United States), Ol’ Joe Clark (United States), Dinosaur (Spain), Pitter Patter (United States), Circle ‘Round the Zero (United States), A La Rueda (Cuba), Cabbages (United States), Te Aroha (New Zeland), Obwisana (Ghana), Hotaru Koi (Japan), One Little Owl (United States), Banaha (Congo), Zum Gali Gali (Israel), Swallowtail Jig (Ireland), Feng Yang (China), Canoe Song (Canada), John the Rabbit (United States), Mighty Pretty Motion (United States), Biddy, Biddy (Jamaica), Los Pollitos (Mexico), Anile, Anile Odi Vaa (Sri Lanka), Turn, Cinnamon Turn (United States), Alle Galloa Galloo (Engalnd), Chiapanecas (Mexico), Carangueajo (Brazil), Diddle, Diddle Dumpling (England), La Granja (Argentina), Annie Was the Miller’s Daughter (Czechslovokia). 

Wee Viola: World Music Preparatory to Twinkle

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